FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How Does XZIOX® Kill Bacteria ?

XZIOX® kills bacteria by attacking their critical cell physiological functions; this includes the interruption of protein synthesis. It also modifies the permeability of the cell membrane. XZIOX® penetrates the protective layer of the cell then deactivates the pathogen from the inside out.

Can Bacteria Build a Resistance to XZIOX® ?

It prohibits both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria from developing resistance. Acid-producing bacteria are especially vulnerable to XZIOX® oxidation.

Does XZIOX® Kill Good Bacteria?

Harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, fungus, and parasites typically have a negative ion charge. XZIOX® is positively charged and therefore harmful molecules are attracted to XZIOX®. A good bacterium characteristically tends to be positively charged and is therefore less likely to be destroyed by XZIOX®.

What are the By-Products of XZIOX® ?

XZIOX® decomposes to a trace of Sodium Chloride (Table Salt) and Oxygen. XZIOX® is DWI approved and does not generate harmful residuals or 'Disinfection By-Products' (DBP's).

Can I use Vitamins alongside XZIOX® ?

Yes. XZIOX® has no effects on the use of vitamins.

Can I Medicate in Conjunction with XZIOX® ?

XZIOX® will not affect medications and antibiotics however it does have a effect on live vaccines (as these are bacteria). Ximax advises a precautionary measure to turn the Ximax system off 24 hours before using vaccines and to turn the system back on 24 hours after the vaccine have been introduced.

Will XZIOX® Cause Blockages ?

XZIOX® will not cause any kind of blockage within pipework, it has been designed to remove blockages and destroy cells completely rather than making the cell inactive and pushing it down the line.

Is XZIOX® Corrosive?

No. XZIO® is PH neutral and non-corrosive to pipework, fittings, tanks and drinker lines

How much will XZIOX® cost ?

XIMAX understands the individual needs of each site, this is extremely important as each site will have different requirements. To be able to provide you with a precise costing trained XIMAX Engineers will conduct a site survey. If you would like a site survey set up please contact Ximax.